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One simple, secure, and reliable API for all your people, places, and things.

Focus on innovation, not integration​

Mapped is an AI-powered data infrastructure platform for commercial and industrial IoT that helps customers to securely access real-time data from legacy systems, devices, cloud sources, and applications by automating the data discovery, normalization, and enrichment process.​

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Powering operational intelligence

Mapped takes a modern approach towards abstracting the complexities of data integration by using ML and graph technologies to provide a simple, secure, and reliable API for all your people, places and things.

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Why data infrastructure?

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Unlock the value of siloed data from various systems, devices, and cloud applications irrespective of protocol, make, or model.

Unified architecture

Create a single source of truth with a normalized data model for all your assets across locations.

Modular & flexible

Establish a common data interface to all your applications, vendors and service providers using Mapped’s independent data layer using a single API.​

Future-proof investments

Avoid vendor lock-in. Rapidly test or rollout new innovative applications with ease by having a separate data infrastructure layer.

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How it works


Intelligent edge software discovers devices on the network and extracts data from their native protocols.​


Mapped uses AI to automatically map and merge your data and continues to enrich with contextual information over time.


Your developers, data scientists, facilities operations teams, and partners access normalized live data from a single API.​



Visualize the sources of data, its current state in a 3D space along with the flow of data between legacy systems, devices, sensors, and its destination.​


You can provide or revoke shared data access with internal teams or external partners with fine-grain control by device, by location, by user role, or even by destination app.​

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Access normalized, enriched, and live data from people, places, and things in a hyper-connected graph. Integrate with applications or feed into dashboards, analytics platforms, or data store.​

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One API for all your people, places, and things

Use our secure, reliable, modern GraphQL API to deliver exceptional new experiences without the burden of integrating historically complex environments.

  buildings(filter: {id: {eq: "123456abcdef"}}) {
    floors {
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The new standard in building systems integrations

Customers across commercial real estate, retail, warehouse, and manufacturing use Mapped to manage their entire data pipeline.​

With an AI-powered commercial data platform like Mapped, developers can shift away from performing discovery and integration, and instead focus on application development and outcomes.

Matt Eastwood

Sr. Vice President, Enterprise Infrastructure, Cloud, Developers, & Alliances, IDC

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