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Flexible pricing that scales with your needs

Platform pricing is based on the number of buildings* deployed and the API usage fee is based on the amount of data consumed. Contact us for an Enterprise license or custom per-SqFT pricing or other discounts. (* Standard building is less than 250,000 square feet in area)

Number of standard sized buildings to be Mapped: 1



Up to 5 buildings

The Starter plan will cover use of the API only, making it easy for individual application developers to build solutions using the Mapped API.



per building/month

The BASIC plan covers normalization and retention of data originating from cloud-based sources with APIs.



per building/month

The PRO plan covers the discovery, extraction, normalization, and retention of data originating from on-prem building systems with legacy protocols, and cloud-based systems with APIs.

All prices listed in USD.

Gateway options

Mapped offers two convenient modes to best suit your needs.

Gateway type



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Platform highlights

Mapped platform offers a fully automated, simple, and secure approach to onboarding building data at scale.

Access a single, GraphQL API

Mapped provides a single GraphQL API as an alternative to REST for API development. Our GraphQL API is beneficial for large datasets, allowing users to build the structure of a complicated request into a single query. In this way, all functionality of our Mapped Console is available through the use of our API.

Rich set of integrations

Mapped refers to integrations with data sources and external destinations as ‘Connectors’. The Mapped Platform supports 50+ cloud & on-prem Connectors configured to ingest building system, sensor, and cloud application data, along with a rich set of Connectors that funnel normalized data into various dashboards, data lakes, and applications.

Full visibility with the Mapped console

The Mapped Console provides unparalleled visibility into your spaces - explore systems at the site, building, floor, and individual space level. The Console gives you the ability to select, monitor, and add different types of data sources through the use of Connectors while providing precision control of the access and flow of your data with easy-to-use Gateway management features.

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