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Thousands of devices,
one API

Use our GraphQL API to build applications for any commercial or industrial environment. We mapped 30,000 devices across 900 classes into a unified graph ontology... so you don't have to.

Mapped enables you to do more with IoT data


Mapped software automatically connects to the network devices in its native protocol.



Mapped makes it easy to understand relationships between systems and events with our single, unified API



Power your applications, dashboards, and analytics with consistent, and normalized data without any complexities.



Build applications once and deploy them across your portfolio and locations

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One API for all your people, places, and things

With a few lines of GraphQL you get just the data you need to build exceptional new experiences without the burden of integrating with archaic protocols or dozens of vendor-specific APIs. Learn more at

  buildings(filter: {id: {eq: "123456abcdef"}}) {
    floors {
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Fully-managed data pipeline

Use Mapped to connect the people, places, and things in and around any building. We make the data available to you through a unified GraphQL API, so you can focus on delivering innovative applications rather than tedious integration.

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hard to reach data

Access hard-to-reach data

We’ve profiled thousands of devices from hundreds of vendors and boiled them down to a simple, modern, API to eliminate the headaches of data extraction, normalization, and contextual relationship discovery. With Mapped, an elevator is an elevator no matter who makes it.

Develop innovative applications

Mapped structures, connects, and enhances previously unstructured, isolated, and complex data across various sub-systems, so you can use geospatial knowledge of data and draw correlations between them to drive new use cases.

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Write once, run anywhere...

Code against the Mapped API and your app will work in any Mapped-enabled building. That's our promise.

Targeting an environment that hasn't been Mapped? Our Universal Gateway and dozens of out-of-the-box connectors will get your building online in no time.

Just the data you need. Nothing more.

Fine-grained access controls and data routing limit your liability. You’ll have what you need, when you need it without worrying about extraneous data bogging your app down.

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Works with things you already have

Take the guesswork out of finding, normalizing, and sourcing data from various sources such as thermostats and lighting systems. When you use Mapped, an HVAC is an HVAC no matter who manufactured it.

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Not an IoT expert? No problem.

Use modern APIs to interact with build systems. You’ll forget that you’re doing IoT.

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© Mapped 2024. All rights reserved.
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