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Data AI for warehouses

Mapped gives you an operational edge by combining data from building systems, IoT applications, and cloud data sources. Leverage the Mapped API to meet, and beat, your business objectives.

Independent Data Layer for warehouses

Mapped Independent Data Layer (IDL) for warehouse and cold storage operators provides portfolio scale warehouse facility data with centralized command and control, derive actionable insights, and the ability to proactively address operational challenges.

This leads to improved inventory management, precise environmental control, and enhanced operational and energy efficiency across their entire portfolio of warehouse facilities

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Optimizing inventory and space

Efficient inventory management, maximized space utilization, accurate demand forecasting

Implementing technology and automation

Integrated Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), automation for streamlined processes, and data analytics for informed decisions.

Enhancing workforce efficiency and safety

Implementing safety protocols and inspections and ergonomic design for employee well-being

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Inventory Management and Optimization

In warehouse operations, managing inventory efficiently is paramount. Mapped IDL can integrate data from various sensors, utility meters, and RFID systems, providing real-time insights into inventory levels, stock movement, and energy consumption in cold storage facilities. By analyzing this data across multiple warehouses, operators can optimize stock levels, reduce wastage, prevent stockouts, and improve demand forecasting. This streamlined approach ensures products are stored at the right temperature and rotated effectively, minimizing losses and ensuring product quality

Temperature and Environment Monitoring

Maintaining specific temperature and humidity levels is critical in cold storage facilities. Mapped IDL can gather data from temperature sensors, HVAC systems, and environmental monitoring devices. By centralizing this data, warehouse operators can ensure that storage conditions are consistently met across multiple facilities. Real-time alerts can be set up to notify staff if conditions deviate from the required parameters, preventing spoilage and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards

Operational Efficiency and Resource Optimization

Mapped IDL can collect data on equipment usage, staff movements from camera analytics, and vehicle routing within warehouses. By analyzing this data across warehouses, operations managers can optimize workflows. This includes efficient allocation of staff, equipment, and vehicles, reducing bottlenecks, minimizing idle time, and improving overall productivity. Data-driven insights enable informed decisions, leading to streamlined operations and cost savings across large-scale warehouse portfolios.