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Data for mixed use

Mapped gives you an operational edge by combining data from building systems, IoT applications, and cloud data sources. Leverage the Mapped API to meet, and beat, your business objectives.

Independent Data Layer for mixed use CRE

Commercial real estate operations pose multifaceted challenges. Daily tasks, from maintenance to security and energy efficiency, demand significant resources. Owners and operators must ensure efficient, cost-effective operations to offer tenants a productive environment. Vital to profitability is controlling energy, maintenance, and labor expenses without sacrificing service quality and improving asset profitability per square foot. Managing diverse data, including operations, energy use, tenant details, and maintenance schedules, can be overwhelming.

Effective data management is crucial for informed decision-making and tenant communication. Mapped Independent Data Layer (IDL) helps address these challenges at scale.

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Implement green building practices, reduce emissions, optimize energy use, and manage waste to promote eco-friendly practices.

O&M Excellence

Use predictive and on-demand facility maintenance with active energy management.

Tenant experience

Provide digital-ready buildings, seamless access to energy data, and innovative TenX applications to differentiate in a competitive CRE market

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FDD & proactive maintenance

By collecting data from various building systems (HVAC, lighting, elevators, etc.) and using sensors and IoT devices, Mapped IDL can power proactive and predictive maintenance applications. FDD application reduces downtime, extends equipment lifespan, and lowers maintenance costs.

Active energy management

Facility operators use Mapped IDL to power active energy management solutions to monitor energy consumption patterns and identify areas of inefficiency and faulty equipment to reduce usage. Further implementing occupancy-based and weather-based HVAC/lighting setpoint changes reduce overall energy costs. This not only saves money but also aligns with sustainable practices, which are increasingly important for commercial owners, operators, and tenants.

Tenant experience enhancement

By utilizing Mapped IDL data, building operators can enhance the overall tenant experience such as providing control and preferences over heating, cooling, and lighting preferences along with common area occupancy patterns. Additionally, data-driven insight, such as tailored maintenance schedules, smart access control, or amenities based on tenant preferences can be used to offer personalized services to tenants. This personalized approach can significantly improve tenant satisfaction and retention rates for property owners.