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Transform your business.
Be data-driven.

Mapped gives you an operational edge by combining data from building systems, IoT applications, and cloud data sources. Leverage the Mapped API to meet, and beat, your business objectives.

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Mapped for commercial & retail

Mapped’s core platform works across many industries. Any system, device, or sensor is just a connector away. We modeled over 30,000 devices across 900 classes and over 100 different cloud connectors spanning a variety of vendors and OEMs in commercial buildings​.

office building

Office Buildings

Mapped integrates with any building automation system (BAS) across HVAC, lighting, access control, and more.


Retail, datacenter, & warehouse​

Retail floor and warehouse operations rely heavily on various assets from POS to forklifts. We got it covered.


Hospitality & multi-family

For operational optimization or innovation in occupant experiences, Mapped data infrastructure is the way to go.

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Unlocking the power of clean data

If you work as a building engineer, data analyst, or automation engineer, your goal is to obtain clean and consistent data from various sources such as HVAC systems, facility equipment, building automation systems (BAS), or Internet of Things (IoT) devices across different building locations. ​

Similarly, if you're a facilities operator, systems integrator, or service provider, you also seek access to the same data. This data is essential for supporting remote operations, predictive maintenance, and on-demand services.

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What can you do with Mapped?

Infinite possibilities, millions of data points, thousands of use cases—one API. Deploy Mapped across buildings and instantly feed data to power your operational dashboards or enrich your existing analytics platform. Platforms that use Mapped APIs: Asset Registry, FDD, Predictive Maintenance, Energy Optimization, O&M Optimization, Occupancy Analysis, Retrofit Planning, ESG Scope 1 Data, and more.

Lower energy and maintenance costs

Occupancy-based HVAC setpoint optimization, data gathering from utility meters for Scope 1 reporting, and active energy management to reduce carbon footprint across a portfolio of buildings.

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Optimize space utilization

Combine geo-spatial data from floor plans, occupancy information from a variety of sensors, and other sources such as wifi networks or calendar booking to optimize your space

Optimize building performance

Correlate weather, traffic, and building simulation data, along with other geopolitical data to optimize building performance

physical security

Enhance occupant experience

Bring enhanced occupant experiences along with climate control, improved air quality, conference room management, visitor management, and other digital signage applications.

Discover and manage your assets

Whether it's an office space, a warehouse or a retail store, get an inventory of those assets and the relationship between them. Track and monitor the current state or control data accessed by internal and external entities.​ Trigger automated work orders based on alarms and alerts to optimize facility operations and field-force workflows to reduce operational costs

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Mapped brings data together

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BAS and BMS Systems

Get data in and out of your BAS / BMS consistently across vendors and locations. Mapped supports all the industry-leading BAS systems and protocols

HVAC & Lighting

Get visibility into the performance of chillers, air handlers, heaters, thermostats, and lighting controls across locations with ease and consistency.

Access Control

Seamlessly integrate a multitude of badge readers, security cameras, and other IoT devices across on-premise and cloud APIs

CMMS and Enterprise Asset Managenent

Mapped integrates with leading CMMS and Asset Management applications to unify your assets and operations using a single API

Utility Meters and IoT Sensors

Mapped supports all utility meter data and hundreds of IoT Sensors such as IAQ, Vibration, Leak detection, Humidity, Occupancy and more.

Cloud APIs

Mapped platform integrates and manages backward compatibility with cloud-native APIs from various vendors such as OpenPath, Verkada, and Meraki among others.